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Star Commander a straight forward turn-based strategy game

Star Commander a straight forward turn-based strategy game

Having distilled the core elements of 4X strategizing into a sleek and #easy to get into game, and thus having done away with lengthy tutorials and hefty pdf manuals. Star Commander has achieved an uncommonly straight forward #gameplay, from Membrane Software.

The most accessible explore, expand, exploit and exterminate sim ever played. All the more reason to be impressed and surprised with how gentle Star Commander was with me. Besides, there are not many freeware turn-based 4X games of this scope.

Star Commander progresses in the traditional fashion of turn-based decision making, as you aim to claim a strategic victory via superior technology, well-run star bases and vast fleets, and canny manoeuvring upon spacey, turn-based battlefields. All for the greater good, obviously.

Managing crew, hiring officers, harvesting planets for resources, and designing your very own, specialized ships are both beautifully handled and deeply addictive, as your craving for one more turn while, ignoring important deadlines and/or sleep will undoubtedly prove. The satisfaction of conquering one of Star Commander’s procedurally generated galaxies can be immense, especially when your strategies and tactics have refined themselves to the point of allowing you to tackle the hardest difficulty setting.

How to install Star Commander in Linux:

  • Extract the tar archive to any directory.
  • To run the game, change to the directory that holds the game binary and execute it.
  • Example commands: tar zxvf star_commander-linux_i686.tar.gz && cd star_commander && ./star_commander
  • If the system fails to run the game, be sure the following libraries are available: libsdl, libogg, libvorbisfile
  • The game runs in windowed mode by default. To enable fullscreen mode, change the value in the game’s Options menu, then quit and relaunch the application.

Star Commander is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC right here.

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