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Star Horizon space action game looking for support on Steam Greenlight


Ever caught those big action #space #battle scene in a movie and wondered, that would make an impressive game? That’s what #gameplay is looking like in Star Horizon, as a solo ship in the mass of non-stop death. This is especially true in space, where any attempts to fly over and inside a mega-capital ship will end in explosions within seconds.


  • Immersive action – engage in fast paced, immersive space battles
  • Upgrade your ship – buy upgrades and finish your enemies in multiple, fun ways.
  • Fun story – experience a mature story of a man and his AI spiced up with absurd and dark humor
  • Choices & consequences – make quick decisions – do you help your friends but fail your mission? Do you aid a space merchant and engage in a fight? Consequences of your choices alter the flow of the story.

A struggle between the Inter Galactic Corporation (a.k.a The Federation), which controls the entire galaxy, and the Rebels continues. You assume the role of John, a simple private space-pilot in the service of the Federation. Well.. the word “pilot” might be an overstatement. John’s ship AI – which he calls “Ellie” – takes almost all control of the ship. The space battles are coordinated by Motherships and “pilots” serve the mere role of the shooters (as the AI can’t ‘kill’).


This an “HD” port of a mobile game, but we are all mature enough to not rage about the very idea. Pocket Gamer reviewed the pocket version, making it sound like a load of big colourful explosions and fancy scenes you blast and dodge through while trying to ignore a rubbish story.

Developers Tabasco Interactive plan to release Star Horizon on Windows PC and Mac some time from April to June at under $10. Naturally we are looking for nature support. Well, here is what Tabasco emailed us back:

Linux is a possibility. We’re using the Unity engine which supports it. So that’s good news.

Apparently there more factors that have to be evaluated from the developer side, but chances are good that we will see Linux in the list of platforms.
Right now Tabasco are blasting at the shields of Steam Greenlight but you can check out more details one the official website.


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