Star Traders: Frontiers issues RELIC update

star traders: frontiers issues relic update for linux mac windows

Star Traders: Frontiers releases a big update with a major milestone called RELIC for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. This introduces a completely new style of play, profession and a new major system, Salvaging at Orbitals.

RELIC update details:

While Salvaging shares some cross-over with other orbital ops (Spying, Blockading, Patrolling). This is an extreme high risk and high reward variation. Since Salvaging operations are tied directly to fickle Rumors. So there is a better change of making a credit or two.

Also salvage sites can only be found where there are certain Rumors. So check out Derelict Space Hive, Abandoned Military Station, Abandoned Medical Station, Orbital Construction and Orbital Disaster. These 5 new rumors open up 5 distinct versions of the Salvage mini-game. Since they each have of unique risk and reward cards.

So if you are looking for weapons. Players will only find them on military stations. Some of the most valuable specialist gear around is available on abandoned medical stations. And so can a lot of other bad things.

You will also want to hire those with skills at picking over wrecks — Scavengers. This new Job adds 13 exciting Talents that mix Salvage, Explorer and Doctor. Since everything exists in some form of decay. A Scavenger knows how to patch it up or rip it apart to get the best value.

Star Traders: Frontiers Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Star Traders: Frontiers is already a massive game. But Trese Brothers plan to keep expanding.
This is also being shared in the development roadmap and the RELIC milestone is the first major delivery on that roadmap. Officially ushering in the v2.4.x family.

During the Early Access period, Trese Brothers worked constantly to engage the community. Also improving the game and cranking out updates.
So now that the full launch has passed. All that work in Early Access gives players a very stable, multi-layered and deep game. This will mean a relentless stream of updates. This powerful foundation will allow the developer to focus more on story and content going forward.

Check out the full update post on Steam for details. This covers everything in the v2.4.x release including ships and new battle-pattern Void engine.

Star Traders: Frontiers is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Priced at $11.24 USD including a 25% discount until October 15th.

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