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Star Traders: Frontiers RPG adds mod support

star traders: frontiers space sim rpg game adds mod support for linux mac and windows pc

Star Traders: Frontiers space sim RPG game adds mod support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer Trese Brothers. Which is going strong with great reviews on Steam.

The Trese Brothers, developers of award winning space sim RPG Star Traders: Frontiers. Since they have added mod support to the game. Celebrating the 250+ free content updates made since the game’s release.

The Steam Workshop is now open with some of the first mods created and tested during the modding beta. Also, this first wave of mods covers a wide gamut. Ranging from UI, to SFX to ship design and more. The Star Traders: Frontiers creators are hanging out with the dev’s and the community. Which you can certainly check out in the Discord #stf_mods channel waiting for your feedback and ideas.

To check out these mods, the process is straightforward:

  1. Visit the Steam Workshop, browse and pick some mods by clicking the green “Subscribe” button on the mod page. Your Steam client will download any subscribed mods. If you don’t see the downloads queuing, then try restarting your Steam client (classic).
  2. Select Star Traders: Frontiers within your Game Library and push the big green Play button. This will pop up a choice to play the regular version of the game or the moddable version of the game.
  3. When you pick the mod version of the game, you’ll see a very different main menu with your subscribed mods listed. Click “Activate” to enable any mod you’d like to include in your current game configuration.
  4. Any time your mod configuration changes, you must restart the game.

Star Traders: Frontiers – How to Create Your Own Story Mod

Gameplay includes:

  • turn based starship combat &amp with Darkest Dungeon-like crew combat. Star Traders: Frontiers also offers a variety of ship components, crew jobs, and gear to choose from.
  • dynamic NPC assigned missions that test a Captain’s skills at diplomacy, exploration, espionage, commerce, and more
  • open-ended trading or smuggling between planets and across quadrants
  • a strategy layer requiring Captains to navigate the always shifting political intrigues and conflicts of six main factions.

Star Traders: Frontiers space sim RPG is available on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The game is also priced at $14.99 USD. Available on Steam and certainly worth playing, if you have not.

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