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Star Vikings Forever launches – Steam and GOG

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Right now, indie publisher Akupara #Games announces the release of #StarVikingsForever. Since the game launches now for Linux, Mac, #Windows, iOS and Android.

Star Vikings Forever is a humorous Puzzle RPG. Since gameplay has players building their team of Vikings. Then taking them on a journey to battle the evil Snail invasion in space. With lush character designs, colorful environments, while put to the games headbanging soundtrack. Which will knock off your horned helmet. So this premium title aims at the hardcore and the casual gamer alike.

Star Vikings Forever is very special to creator, Mark Venturelli. Since it helped him “reaffirm his love of making video games.” While hoping that this game will bring joy and entertainment to people of all ages. So it’s time to bring the, “fun back into video games.”

So take your time and strategize. Or make multiple moves simultaneously faster paced combat. While puzzles are procedurally generated, allowing for unique and nonlinear challenges every time. Each character has a standard melee attack, along with a special ability attack. This will send snails crying home to their shells. Each special ability is unique to their class. Providing an additional layer of strategy in solving puzzles.

Star Vikings Forever Features:

  • Unique Puzzle/RPG Gameplay – Based on teamwork and chain reactions
  • Procedurally-Generated Puzzles – For endless replayability
  • 8+ Hours of Story Mode – Packed with colorful characters and humorous dialog
  • New Game Plus Mode – Brings additional puzzles and gameplay
  • Six Classes – Each with unique, upgradeable skills
  • Hats!1!- Craft special and magical hats to gain additional boosts
  • Secrets!!! – Hidden levels and crazy unlockables
  • Facebook Leaderboard Integration (iOS and Android Only)
  • Steam Leaderboard Integration (Steam Only)

Therefore Star Vikings Forever launches at $9.99 USD. While available for Linux, Mac and Windows on both Steam and GOG (with a 70% discount and DRM-Free). While previous owners of the original Star Vikings on Steam receive a free upgrade. Which is available right now at launch.

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