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Starbase ARC the next DLC coming to Rocket League

starbase arc the next dlc coming to rocket league linux mac pc

The piece of #downloadable content for Rocket League is called Starbase ARC. Hence this will bring a new outer #spacethemed elements to the #game. Developer Psyonix announced this during The Game Awards 2016.

A trailer for the update introduced the new arena. The orbitting octagonal stadium is “an enormous (but familiar) planet,” according to Psyonix. Therefore, every time someone scores in Starbase ARC, the arena will play an “interstellar laser show.” Hence this will be available free in competitive, casual and private matches.

Consequently, the update will add a Custom Training mode to game, based on the mod Rocket League Trainer. Players can choose the name for their training mode and the map. And which type of training sequence this will be, the difficulty and search tags. The Starbase ARC update will also launch Steam Workshop support for Rocket League on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Steam Workshop support means players can create new levels for the game using the Unreal Engine 3 SDK.

Along with the free arena, Rocket League players will be able to purchase a new vehicle called Vulcan, “the most elite sporting ship in the galaxy,” for $1.99. In addition, the Starbase ARC update will bring in new music from Hollywood Principle featuring Dr. Awkward, as well as a new custom training mode and Steam Workshop support.

Psyonix announced this new level for Rocket League DLC, coming on December 7, 2016. Taking the game to space, with this free arena based called ARC Squadron. Consequently The Vulcan care will set players back $1.99.


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