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Starblast MMO will have a day-one release

starblast space mmo will have a day one release for linux ubuntu mac windows games in 2017

Since we already announced Starblast. The arcade space shooter, massively multiplayer online will support Linux, Mac and Windows for the November 8th, 2017 release. Since the launch is set for both Steam and So it seems developer Neuronality is eager to bring the shooter to as many platforms as possible.

So in case you missed the announcement post. Starblast combines fast paced multiplayer action. Hence a compelling 2.5D top-down gameplay and outstanding physics engine. Allowing players to feel the handling of their spaceship. So this MMO has a high fun factor guaranteed. Since you can fight against other players (10,40 or 60 depending on the mode; up to 300 during special events). While destroying asteroids, collect gems and use them to upgrade your ship. Buying weapons or upgrading your space station (team mode).

“Hi Todd,

A quick mail to inform you that we now have a fully working build of our game Starblast for Linux (64 bits). Thus the Linux version can be released together with the Windows and macOS versions on November 8.”

So this might be a small notice, but that day-one release for the space shooter MMO is welcoming. Seeing the games offering something different in the genre for 2017. And I’m looking forward to playing a few games. Anyone up for a match?

Starblast Trailer:

Starblast Game modes:

  • Survival mode: Mine, upgrade your ship, steal gems, fight and be the last survivor.
  • Team mode: 3 teams, each team has a base space station. Mine crystals and bring them back to the base station to upgrade it. Rob crystals from enemy teams by attacking their base station or attacking their mining missions. Destroy enemies and their space stations to win. You can play different roles for your team: defend your station, go mining, escort large but slow mining ships, attack other team’s missions or assault their stations.
  • Deathmatch: pick one of two ships for the round, kill your targets, be the first to earn 12 points to win the round ; you will be ranked in the
  • Pro Deathmatch Championship
  • An awesome new mode will be unveiled on release day

Starblast also includes:

  • Ship tree
    The Starblast ship tree features 7 tiers and 31 unique spaceships with different laser patterns and abilities.
  • Secondary weapons
    You can acquire and use different types of secondary weapons and powers allowing to build different offensive and defensive strategies.
  • Ship customization
    You have access to a range of custom materials for your spaceship (Titanium, Carbon, Alloy, Gold), different laser styles (Doubled, Lightning, Digital), custom ingame badge (Pirate, Invader, Reddit, Youtuber, Paw, Star). More materials, lasers, badges will come.

So that’s that. Starblast offers a unique arcade style of gaming with MMO gameplay. Yet the games now confirmed for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows on November 8th, 2017. Coming to Steam and

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