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Starblast space MMO shooter coming to Linux

starblast space mmo shooter coming to linux ubuntu mac windows games

Indie studio Neuronality announces Starblast. Since this is an arcade space shooter, massively multiplayer online. All set to for release on Steam and Itch on November 8th to Mac and Windows. Yet developer Neuronality is keen to bring the shooter to Linux and Ubuntu as well.

Starblast is based on our own custom game engine. We are indeed currently working on a Linux port of the game. We still have no idea if the Linux port will be ready before the release date set for the game, thus we are not advertising it yet.”

So Starblast combines fast paced multiplayer action. Hence a compelling 2.5D top-down gameplay and outstanding physics engine. Allowing players to feel the handling of their spaceship. So this MMO has a high fun factor guaranteed. Since you can fight against other players (10,40 or 60 depending on the mode; up to 300 during special events). While destroying asteroids, collect gems and use them to upgrade your ship. Buying weapons or upgrading your space station (team mode).

Yet Starblast offers 4 different game modes: survival, teams and deathmatch. Plus a 4th mode which will be available on release day. Which may include Linux and Ubuntu support.

Starblast Trailer:

Starblast Game modes:

  • Survival mode: Mine, upgrade your ship, steal gems, fight and be the last survivor.
  • Team mode: 3 teams, each team has a base space station. Mine crystals and bring them back to the base station to upgrade it. Rob crystals from enemy teams by attacking their base station or attacking their mining missions. Destroy enemies and their space stations to win. You can play different roles for your team: defend your station, go mining, escort large but slow mining ships, attack other team’s missions or assault their stations.
  • Deathmatch: pick one of two ships for the round, kill your targets, be the first to earn 12 points to win the round ; you will be ranked in the
  • Pro Deathmatch Championship
  • An awesome new mode will be unveiled on release day

Custom games (Sandbox mode)

Starblast allows player to create custom games with specific options. Since you can change the size of the map, the asteroids patterns and crystal value. Including asteroid strength, ships speed, starting ship, number of teams, size of the space stations etc. While there are even more customization options to come.
You can share your custom game. Plus you can use this system to create private parties or public events.

So that’s that. Starblast offers a unique arcade style of gaming with MMO gameplay. Yet the games also coming first to Mac and Windows. But confirmed for Linux and Ubuntu. So there is no confirmation of a day-one release. Coming to Steam and Itch.

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