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Starborne 4X MMORTS seventh alpha tomorrow

starborne mmorts seventh alpha test soon on windows linux and mac games 2017

Starborne is a new take on the strategy genre. The games set to combine 4X empire building with the real time. While including the multiplayer component of an MMORTS. So players take on the role of space commander. Also competing against thousands of other players over control of the map. Including forging alliances, waging wars and expanding their space station. All while working to build their galactic empire. Which is also being free-to-play via the official website.

What about Linux support for Starborne?

  • The Starborne client is being developed on the Windows. But will be cross-platform upon release, including MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux and browsers.
  • The test rounds are however only on Windows and you need Windows 7 or newer.

Since the games development uses Unity 3D. We have to appreciate that native release will happen. So for fans 4X games, this is your chance to jump into the MMORTS, on Windows.
While I cannot personally test the games client on Linux. I’m keen to see if it works in Wine or PlayOnLinux, likely with Wine staging for the alpha test.

Solid Clouds, who has been working on Starborne for a little over three years now. Regularly conducting tests to gather feedback directly from the players.

“We are very excited to show the community what we have been working on since the last test,” says Stefán Gunnarsson, founder of Solid Clouds. “With the addition of strategic points, the endgame will become even more dynamic.”

Starborne 2017 October Alpha Tutorial:

Starborne new features in Alpha 7:

  • Larger map which can support up to 2492 concurrent players.
  • Scouts can now sabotage enemy structures to temporarily disable them.
  • Points of Interest which display recent activity directly on the map.
  • 240 Strategic Points, which alliances must capture to increase their score.
  • Alliance leaders can now assign custom colors to other factions.
  • NPCs defend themselves better and drop cards when defeated.
  • 15 new cards which enable the exchange of resources and assist with events.
  • Wide ranging optimization tweaks which make the game less resource intensive.

What is Solid Clouds’ stance on pay-to-win?

  • We don’t think that a pay-to-win game is going to have a high retention of players, which is one of our primary goals.
  • We realize that free-to-play games will never see universal acceptance. As completely fair by everyone who plays.
  • It is however our honest intention to be as far on the fair end of the scale as possible.
  • There will be in-game purchases but, importantly, everything you can buy with real-life currency, you can gain with meaningful in-game activities.
  • There will be cosmetics only available via purchases but there will still be cosmetics available via in-game activities.
  • You need to play to advance. Starborne has gating mechanics that prevent players from advancing solely via purchases.
  • Solid Clouds pays attention to the feedback of its tester community, come test, tell us what you think!

Starborne is set to enter open beta in the second quarter of 2018. Therefore we should see a Linux release beside Windows at that point. So the three month alpha test will begin on October 18th, 2017.
Players can download the game from the official website shortly before the alpha test server goes live.

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