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Starbound brings changes and Santa in massive update

starbound brings changes and Santa in massive update linux mac pc

So fans of the studio’s galaxy-spanning #sandbox game Starbound can visit and take part in a sacred tradition. #Chucklefish confirm the #nextbigpatch is available this week. While those without patience can even start exploring the new content now. So either you are willing to brave Starbound’s unstable development branch or not?

Starbound 1.2, the massive update currently in testing by some members for the community. Yet a brief update from Chucklefish confirms the studio has more content to inlude in the patch. While these last minute additions not really appeal to everyone.

Because Space Santa is here!

A new Starbound build called dubbed 1.2.0 RC2, includes all of the sandbox game’s 2016 holiday content. Hence including interstellar Kris Kringle. The red-suited vendor can be found woandering the Outpost. While selling a variety of festive items to any interest consumer. He will probably remain there until sometime after Christmas. So this new patch also includes other small tweaks. Things like new graphics for improved weapons and new areas of ancient vaults.

Here are the 1.2.0 RC2 patch notes posted on the official blog:

  • Added upgraded graphics for all upgradeable weapons
  • Celebrate the holidays with the variety of festive items bought from Space Santa at the Outpost!
  • More areas added to ancient vaults
  • Improvements to loading speed for dungeon worlds
  • Various bugfixes and tweaks to boss behavior and sounds
  • Fixed an issue where crew would duplicate

So for more details about the changes in Starbound 1.2. Check out the blog post published along with the new unstable build. Then lets us know in the comments section. While making sure to include what you’d like to see in the next big patch.

Starbound is currently available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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