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Starbound gameplay preview, price, and release

The upcoming #indie #game ‘Starbound’ entered the beta testing last week and getting underway this week for Windows, OS X and Linux. Produced by the UK- Based independent game studio Chucklefish Ltd, it is based on procedurally generated space elements like guns, armor, clothing, enemies, planets, etc, which provides a massive variety of content. Starbound is written in C++ and uses a custom game engine. The #soundtrack of the game is composed by American composer Curtis Schweitzer and will also feature pieces composed by Radiation and Solatrus.

Well, before the Starbound Beta goes public, TotalBiscuit has made some efforts that you can now see the early look of 15 minutes of gameplay. You can now get an idea about the game’s mechanics beforehand. The most hyped PC game Starbound Beta, is a 2D adventure sandbox game where you play as a lost, space-faring native who has just crashed on a mysterious planet. It lets you live out your own story of space exploration, discovery and adventure.

After seeing the gameplay video, many players have started calling Starbound as Terraria 2.0 or Terraria in Space, and that’s basically what the game is. Like Terraria, Starbound has similar mechanics, for instance, digging down, making gear and fighting tough monsters. Though it is visually not so different from Minecraft or Terraria but you can see the new lightning and few weather effects to set the mood and appeal the player.

According to the developers of the game, players who plan to participate in this initial testing phase should expect the game to be break at certain points but players will also enjoy the new content which is being added to the game constantly. The players can provide feedback about the bugs in the game as well as its features and mechanics.

A lot of gamers just can’t wait to get into the game and play around with their friends to conquer the galaxy. ‘Starbound’ is available in US at $15, and comprises beta access and a soundtrack. The game is expected to have a full release in 2014.

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