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Starbreeze buys rights to Payday franchise and gets rid of microstransactions


As an unexpected press #release, Starbreeze #announced the #acquisition of the PAYDAY franchise rights; which also indirectly confirms a new PAYDAY 3 instalment, but not any time soon.

The transaction, which amounts to approximately $30 million, will allow Starbreeze to to own the full rights for any future development or “commercialization,” according to the statement on the company’s website. This includes Payday 2 and Payday for mobile. So the company will retain full net revenue on Steam for the game dating back to May 1. Sales generated from Payday 2 will continue to be split between the companies as before and 505 Games will continue to publish the game.

505 Games will retain a 33% revenue share from future sales of PAYDAY 3, capped at $40 million, after which Starbreeze will have fully recouped development and marketing costs. This is a solid investment with the transaction price of $30 million expected to be matched by corresponding franchise revenues until PAYDAY 3 is released.

Bo Andersson Klint, Starbreeze CEO, said:

PAYDAY is very close to my heart, and has laid the foundation for Starbreeze success in recent years. We’re very excited to bring our heisters home to the safe house. To start with, we believe in the continued success of PAYDAY 2 and will support it for at least another 18 months continuing expanding the game.”


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