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Starcom: Nexus coming release and support

starcom nexus coming full release and support linux windows pc

Starcom: Nexus has a coming full release on Windows PC, but we discount Linux support. Thanks to a recent reply from developer
Wx3 Labs. Currently available now on Steam Early Access.

Starcom: Nexus is the incredible space adventure games. Which is also graduating from Early Access with rave player reviews on December 12th. Due to launch on Windows PC, but works via Proton.

Linux Support:

The game is being developed in Unity. Players have been playing the game using Proton. And we’re currently testing a native Linux build. Which is available to players via an opt-in beta branch.

You can check out the experimental build of Starcom: Nexus. The build is called “release_1_0_3_linux_experimental”, which you can find in the Beta branch. So there are two ways to play the game. Plus Wx3 Lab are also looking for Linux testers via Steam.

From its entry into Early Access. Players have been incredibly enthusiastic about the space action adventure game. In Starcom: Nexus the player takes the role of a new ship commander. Also thrown into a strange universe. From there, you must explore a vast galaxy, and unlock new technologies. While ou transform a small shuttle into a powerful battlecruiser. And hopefully solving the mystery of what brought them here.

Starcom: Nexus Trailer

Here’s what Early Access players have been saying:
“…an artfully balanced, well thought out 2D space exploration masterpiece. Currently still in beta, it has completely blown my socks off. From the flight model to the writing and the soundtrack everything blends perfectly to provide one of if not THE best exploration experience I have ever encountered in a space exploration game of any kind. Pick it up now, you won’t be sorry.”

Starcom: Nexus is also a follow-up to the popular Flash game Starcom. Originally releasing in 2008 with over 2 million plays to date. Players are not required or expected to have played the Flash game. Since Starcom: Nexus is a stand-alone story.

Therefore, now exactly one full year in Early Access. Starcom: Nexus will get a full release on December 12th, 2019. Which is a great game worth playing on Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD. Due to launch on Windows PC, and with enough testing Linux as well.

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