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Starcom: Nexus has experimental native support

starcom: nexus has experimental linux build

Starcom: Nexus has experimental Linux build on Steam. Thanks to developer Wx3 Labs support. Since the experimental build works well. The games also discount, should you choose to jump in and help test.

Starcom: Nexus entered Early Access over a year ago. But in a previous post, we also mentioned that native support is coming. Now we can play the rather ambitious re-imagining of this beloved Flash game. Which takes place in an open world universe. This is where the player explores a strange new galaxy filled with aliens, artifacts, and anomalies. And you must use new discoveries to transform your small shuttle. And help evolve it into a powerful starship of your own design. While you unravel the mystery that brought you there in the first place.

Starcom: Nexus Release Trailer

Since Early Access, players have been enthusiastic about the space action adventure game. And as a result, Starcom: Nexus puts player takes the role of a new ship commander. From here, you must explore a vast galaxy and unlock new tech.

Linux Experimental Build:

The native Linux build has been added to the default package. So if you have the game in your library. You should be able to run it in Linux. But you must switch to Linux opt-in Beta. To do so, right-click on the game in your library. Choose Properties and go to the Beta tab. In the drop-down, select the Linux preview build. There is no password.

Starcom: Nexus is also a Unity 3D game. So there should be no issue running it. Even if you have to use Proton, for some unforeseen reason. But the experimental Linux build is currently one point release behind Windows. The differences between the two are only minor. And above all, the community replies on Steam are certainly positive.

Wx3 Labs has learned what game elements are working from Early Access. And also what needed improvement. There are also further analytics tools that identified where players were getting stuck. Starcom: Nexus has made huge strides with each update. While adding both new content that gives players a “wow” sense of discovery. Showing off a strange and beautiful galaxy. As well as fine tuning the mechanics to provide a smooth learning curve.

The result is a successful Starcom: Nexus Linux release so far. Plus if you buy the game before January 2nd. You can also get the 15% discount.

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