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Starcom: Unknown Space coming soon

 starcom: unknown space action rpg game is coming to linux with windows pc

Starcom: Unknown Space action RPG game is coming to Linux with Windows PC. Which is the result of the continuous creativity of Wx3 Labs. Due to release the game on Steam Early Access soon.

Three years ago, the hit indie space game Starcom: Nexus graduated from Steam Early Access. Since then, more than 50,000 players have discovered the joys of exploring. While Starcom: Unknown Space takes on an expansive story-rich open world universe.

Linux Support:

The game engine is Unity and yes, I plan to add native Linux support at some point. But do not have a timeframe yet.

This is the email reply from developer Wx3 Labs. Due to make its way onto Linux, but as stated, there is no timeframe.
Until then, Proton support seems to work, as a temporary workaround.

Over the past few years, Boston-based developer Wx3 Labs has been teasing videos and images. Starcom: Unknown Space is the follow-up title with jaw-dropping graphics. There is also a brand-new ship building system. Along with new worlds with new mysteries to discover.
Due to remain in Early Access for at least six months. Which could spend longer if necessary to make the experience the best it can be. And as a result, will not leave Early Access until the main storyline is complete.

Explore a Starcom: Unknown Space mysterious open-world universe filled with alien factions. Including strange worlds, mysterious artifacts, and an epic story.
As a new commander you and your crew will transform your ship. Due to go from a small scout into whatever you want. A deep space explorer, a fast strike craft, or an armor leaden battle cruiser.

Starcom: Unknown Space Features:

  • A fully open world universe;
  • A brand new story with new alien factions and characters;
  • A new modular building system for unlimited ship potentials;
  • A large tech tree unlocking new weapons, abilities, and crew abilities;
  • A new skill-based crew system influencing ship functions. Also planetary exploration and alien interactions;
  • Over a hundred planets and celestial artifacts to explore.

Starcom: Unknown Space action RPG game follows in the footsteps of Starcom: Nexus. Going through a half-dozen rounds of closed betas with hundreds of players. Due to ensure that it enters Early Access at a high level of quality. Its new universe will be ready for new players to explore on December 14, 2022 on Steam.