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Stardander School for Witches due out soon

stardander school for witches visual novel game with rpg elements to release on linux windows pc

Stardander School for Witches visual novel game with RPG elements to release on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the brilliant team at Fancy Fish Games for their creativity. Working to make its way onto Steam Early Access.

The excitement of the back-to-school season isn’t limited to our world alone. Imagine a school designed solely for witches, where learning spells and forming magical bonds are the order of the day. Welcome to the world of Stardander School for Witches, due to unveiling its visual novel magic to Linux players on Steam, October 2nd, 2023.

Now, if you’re thinking dark, dreary classrooms, think again. Stardander School for Witches offers a fresh view of the witchcraft story. While enabling players to delve into a visually captivating setting filled with a blend of classic role-playing mechanics and turn-based combat. But, of course, there’s a twist. If you’ve ever felt like sidelining combat and focusing more on the academic side of things, Stardander School for Witches understands. You can choose to stay away from battles, but this decision won’t derail your journey. Your game remains just as enriching, a nod to the diversity of the magical world.

Stardander School for Witches Launch Trailer

Upon entering this magical realm, every witch in training faces an essential choice: affiliating with an elemental group. While it might sound like choosing between different school houses or clubs, it’s a bit more spellbinding. In Stardander School for Witches there are four elemental affiliations to align with. Each providing its unique set of benefits. By doing so, not only do you find friends with other similar witches, but you also bolster your elemental attributes. Whether it’s the wand you opt for, the companions you befriend, or the decision to engage or avoid combat. Each choice you make in Stardander School for Witches enhances these elemental traits. Due to make your learning journey smoother and amplify the strength of your spells.


  • A World of Color and Emotion: Step into the shoes of one of four main characters. Each has their distinct motivations and reasons to master the arcane arts.
  • Building Bonds: Stardander School for Witches is not just about spells. The relationships you forge play a pivotal role. Whether it’s strong friendships or competitive rivalries, the interactions with fellow witches are bound to leave a mark.
  • Unique Combat Experience: Fancy a challenge? Engage in RPG battles against the mystical Fae. The combat system is designed to be turn-based, offering strategic depth. Plus, you’re also not alone; rally your friends for assistance.
  • Magical Beings as Companions: The Fae aren’t just opponents; they can also become allies. Strike conversations, form bonds, and these magical beings might just become your familiars. While guiding you through your Stardander School for Witches journey.
  • Your Progress, Your Way: Regular classes? Check. Learning new spells? Check. But that’s not all. Prove your mettle in exams, nurture magical plants, and craft potions that can enchant various items.

Eager to dive into the Stardander School for Witches visual novel RPG? There’s a Linux demo available right now, offering a sneak peek into the first year of this enchanting game. And remember, the official release on Steam is on October 2, 2023. To stay in the loop with all things Stardander School for Witches, make sure you add it to your Wishlist on Steam Early Access for Linux and Windows PC. The visual novel RPG game is due to be in Early Access for about 6 months, for a Spring 2024 full launch.

In essence, Stardander School for Witches promises a captivating blend of storytelling, strategy, and interpersonal dynamics. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newbie, this magical world has something for everyone. Prepare to be enchanted!

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