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Stardew Valley working with Sickhead Games


Developer #ConcernedApe behind the popular Stardew Valley has outlined that a Linux and Mac port were in fact #planned. Now it seems Chucklefish (developers of Starbound) are now on the task to help port the #game, having announced further details in a recent update:

As fans of Stardew Valley ourselves, we’re super excited about this! We’re working with Sickhead Games on Mac and Linux ports, and our very own Tom Coxon – developer of Lenna’s Inception and a programmer on Starbound – is leading the project, as well as developing  co-op multiplayer for Stardew Valley.

ConcernedApe will retain creative control over everything, of course, and we will be working very closely with him to ensure that the game’s overall intimate feeling and personality is retained in every version of the game.

This is a bold surprise and change. Originally when Linux Game News confronted Chucklefish, there was limited speculation that a Linux and Mac port would exist given that Stardew Valley was developed using XNA. Then further confirmation of the planned porting process was issued. Of course this was outlined in a later update plus this recent Chucklefish update. This is indeed good news.

Stardew Valley still maintains an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating on Steam, including the recent reviews.