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Stardew Valley hit indie simulation game may be coming to Linux and Mac


Stardew Valley is the latest #indie title currently making it big on Steam and getting a ton of praise from #fans. Basically described as a cross between Harvest Moon, Rune Factory and maybe Animal Crossing.

Currently Stardew Valley is only available for Windows, but could be making a Linux and Mac relatively soon, if the sales continue as they have been.

In a Question and Answer post on the Stardew Valley page, the Linux and Mac versions were confirmed to be up for consideration:

Will this come to MAC / Linus?
Depending on sales of the game, most likely!

And that Q/A can also be directly referenced here:

I’ve updated the Q&A for launch. Depending on sales of the game, there will be version for both MAC and Linus (…..linux. For linux.) 

Linux Game News reached out to publisher Chucklefish, receiving news that only a Windows port would be available due to the game being developed in XNA and the only upcoming changes would be an update to add multiplayer.
However, the community demands speak for themselves and famed developer Ethan Lee has offered to help with the game, possibly even working something out between them. Considering just how well Stardew Valley is selling, it’s only a matter of time.


Stardew Valley is probably the hottest game on Steam right now with over 58,000 people playing today. Currently holding a perfect score on Steam with over 5,700 reviews, and having watched gameplay on Twitch it certainly deserves the praise.


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