Stardrift Nomads space shooter coming to Linux

stardrift nomads space shooter coming to linux in gaming news

In gaming news, Stardrift Nomads is a new dual-stick space #shooter available on Steam. Hence the #gameplay can be played either in singleplayer, cooperative or online multiplayer. A retro action title about #building and upgrading a variety of unique towers to protect your base. All while fending off vicious pirates and massive asteroids. So players will have to customize one of three ship classes to fit their play style. While also utilizing a slew of upgradable abilities and equipment. Or team up with others and seize victory using up to eight players.

Where’s the Linux release?

“We are using the Unity engine to create Stardrift Nomads. We have plans to get Linux support out but ran into some issues during the launch process.”

So clearly the Stardrift Nomads Linux release is a work in progress. Since the game already supports Mac and Windows PC. And developer Risen Games are rather open regarding news of the issues. Seeing the game launches on Steam back on April 9th. Yet the development does not end there. Further development is under way according to their last Steam Update news.

“We have big plans for the game now that it has been released, and number one on the list is expanding our content. We have a number of features and content ideas on our development wishlist. Which didn’t make it into the release version of the game. And we finally have the chance to work on them. Our plan for Stardrift Nomads is to treat it kind of like a Season Pass. We will continually release updates and patches to make gaming better and better. The first content update is slated to release in early Summer so keep your eyes open for more info and teasers!”

Stardrift Nomads Features

  • Crush pirates and asteroids alone or play cooperatively with up to 7 friends.
  • Battle the odds in Survival mode and guide your Colony to safety through wave after wave of adversaries.
  • Complete missions in Campaign mode and follow the story of intrepid nomads braving the drifts of space.
  • 3 customizable ship classes, each with 16 powerful abilities. 12 upgradable equipment and 4 unique towers.
  • Choose your own strategy, create an ironclad defense with walls and towers or trick out your ship and become an unstoppable force.
  • Put your teamwork to the test and face off against a variety of deadly enemies, hazards, and bosses from the depths of space.


Risen Games spawned the idea for Stardrift Nomads out of frustration. Since the lack of co-op games where more than four people can play. So this cooperative dual-stick space shooter was born. Then after three months of hard work the the teams creation, a working prototype. While having players facing off against two types of pirates. Yet also dealing with asteroids of varying size and a massive boss ship. So this prototype was presented and dubbed Adrift. Hence making it’s gaming debut at the 2013 Boston Festival of Indie Games hosted by MIT. Where crowds of people gave positive feedback in the Boston indie community. While also issuing news for the team to put Adrift on Steam Greenlight.

So Risen Games took to crowdfunding development via Kickstarter. After 30 days of frantic work, Adrift failed to meet its goal. So after a year-long hiatus for development, team members switched professions. While some ended up moving out of country or working day-jobs. So then the team received an email in the winter of 2014, Adrift had been Greenlit. Since Adrift needs a complete overhaul, art was thrown out and code was redone. So gameplay a gameplay redesign and a name change, hence Stardrift Nomads came to life. Which is a new and different dual-stick space shooter featuring 8-player co-op.

So the Stardrift Nomads is available on Steam as on April 7th, 2017. While only Mac and Windows PC show support, that Linux release is now included. Yet after three years of development, Risen Games are still working on adding gaming content.

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