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Starlight Drifter sci-fi visual novel looks interesting

Starlight Drifter sci-fi visual novel for linux mac windows looks interesting

Starlight Drifter is a sci-fi visual novel for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also currently available via the Steam Summer Sale. With a decent 40% discount too.

The story starts after following a strange signal. Where you find an amazing spaceship left derelict in space. So then, before you know it you have yourself a small crew. And also finally living your dream of exploring space.

Starlight Drifter is also considered a sci-fi RPG. Since gameplay puts you in the captain seat to make a name for yourself in the universe. Starlight Drifter is primarily a visual novel. Which is not usually my style of gameplay. But the game includes open world aspects.

So players can choose what missions to take in between missions. Also who to chat to and potentially get to know better. Perhaps even intimately. Yes gameplay has that too. It reminds me of a mod for Leisure Suit Larry.

Starlight Drifter sci-fi visual novel trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Create your own Character (name, appearance & background).
  • Play the way you want, make the decisions yourself.
  • Explore the galaxy as you see fit, choose which locations to visit.
  • Build a crew to give you more options and more ‘friends’.
  • Various Crew Romances & Flings to explore as you see fit.
  • Dozens of different events and storylines to explore in your own time.
  • Multiple endings based on your successes and failures throughout the game.

All of this will determine how you make your mark on the universe and the games final ending. While the trailer may not look all that appealing. I’m keen to get into gameplay. See what sort of adventure lies ahead.

While the romancing aspect does seem interesting. The idea that so man visual novels have this feature seems more like a dating sim. If that’s your sort of thing.

Starlight Drifter is currently available on Steam with a 40% discount until July 5th. Which is available on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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