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Starmancer sim has days left for Kickstarter

starmancer space station simumation kickstarter for linux mac windows games

Starmancer is now 252% funded on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows. Of course taking inspiration from Dwarf Fortress, but a space station simulation. Also, those eager to place the crowdfunding campaign should do so now. The Kickstarter closes out on Friday, March 16 2018 10:00 PM EDT.

Since hitting the funding goal a month ago. There are some impressive Stetch Goals. Such as an additional programmer, custom soundtrack and sound effects.
Also, there will be a creative mode. This allows players to switch between survival and creative mode. So you can design your own station and story. A type of feature that is becoming more common place. Where developers integrate creative functinality. Which both extends the life of gaming and involves the community.

Starmancer Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Free Demo:

And course, no good Kickstarter would be complete without a Free playable build (Linux). A creative build mode demo available.
Also, spawn colonists by pressing “C”. They will self-destruct after a few in-game hours. So if demo performance starts to get bad. Stop creating colonists and let them all self-destruct. And who does not like exploding colonists?

Of course these stretch goals will guarantee that the team can work full time on Starmancer. These will be put into place after release (except music and team expansion).

Story Features:

  • Flee Earth – A disaster on Earth prompted the creation of the Starmancer Initiative. Volunteers, such as yourself, were irreversibly fused into machine, creating a hybrid of human and artificial intelligence.
  • Uploaded Consciousness – There wasn’t time to physically load all of humanity into Ark ships. Instead, their consciousness was uploaded into your core, and their physical bodies were left behind on Earth.
  • Damaged Ark – You awake in a strange solar system with a damaged Ark and corrupt memory cores. There are other active Ark ships in the system. You have no idea how many years have passed since you left Earth.
  • Pave the Future – Years of dormancy have damaged your governing protocols. Play however you want. Will you become a rogue A.I. or a benevolent overlord? Your playthrough will create a unique story to you, and you alone.


  • Mutiny – Colonists are driven by a morale system. If morale is too low they’ll stop working and ignore your commands. If this persists, they’ll band together and try to physically destroy your core.
  • Pirates – Pirates rove the solar system, looking for weak stations and unopened vaults. If you acquire too many resources, pirates will attack you. Place armored walls and turrets to deter them.
  • Diplomacy – Performing missions or trading with a faction can lead to long lasting relationships, but it will upset their enemies. Factions that don’t like you will refuse your requests for trade, territory, and missions. If a faction really despises you they’ll send an execution squad to destroy your core.
  • Keep Your Station – When your entire station inevitably dies, it’s not game over. You are a Starmancer, after all. Simply grow a fresh batch of colonists and start a new story. Just clean up the dead bodies first.


Starmancer is available for crowdfunding campaign is still going strong on Kickstarter. So all these eager to pledge the campaign, do so now. Since the release is coming to Linux, mac and Windows in January 2019.

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