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Starship Simulator space sim teases port

starship simulator open world space sim game teases linux port with windows pc and proton

Starship Simulator open world space sim game teases Linux port with Windows PC and Proton. Discover the upcoming title from the brilliant minds at Fleetyard Studios. Which working to makes its way onto Steam as Free to Play.

Starship Simulator is a new game that will be featured at Steam’s Next Fest, starting on June 19th. Which is all about exploring the vast and amazing universe.

In Starship Simulator, you get to be part of the crew on humanity’s first experimental deep space exploration vessel. Your mission is to travel beyond our solar system, known as Sol, and find other planets to live on. But that’s not all! You also have to do scientific research and make friendly contact with aliens you come across on your journey.

As for native support, here is the Fleetyard Studios email reply.

Starship Simulator is built using Unreal Engine 5, so a native linux release is not out of the question.

However, the talented developer is currently pressed for time and can’t dedicate efforts to bring Starship Simulator to Linux just yet. But fear not, “in the interim the game does work on Linux using Proton.” Thanks to the magical powers of Proton, the game does work, even though it’s not officially supported. This unofficial workaround brings forth a ray of hope.

Starship Simulator Steam Trailer

Since space is a mysterious and dangerous place, you’ll face unexpected tests along the way. Your ship will need fuel and repairs, and you have to take care of the 200+ crew members as well. That means making sure they have enough food and healthcare. Everyone on the ship, including you and the computer-controlled crew members, will have specific tasks to perform. All due to keep everything running smoothly in Starship Simulator.

While exploring space, you can send probes to the surfaces of alien worlds. These probes will collect samples of all sorts of interesting things, like plants or artifacts from ancient civilizations. You might discover a new source of food, a special mineral to make your ship stronger, or even some alien tech. But be mindful. Connecting unknown technology to your ship could have unexpected outcomes, both good and bad.

When you play Starship Simulator, you’ll step into a fully simulated starship that feels real. While offering over 200 rooms spread across seven decks. Similar to actually being on a spaceship. You can explore a galaxy that’s created using real astrophysics in real-time. There are no transitions or loading screens to interrupt your adventure in space.

Customisation and VR:

Starship Simulator also offers extensive customisation options for your ship and character right from the start. You can make them look and feel exactly how you want. You can play on your Linux PC or with a VR headset. So you can fully immerse yourself into the starship experience.

Now, there’s something else to get excited about. Starship Simulator will be available for early access in Q4 2023. So you’ll have a chance to try it out and provide feedback to the developers while they continue working on it.

Starship Simulator open world space sim is due to be a feature in Steam’s Next Fest. After that. the developers will launch a Kickstarter campaign. This will give people a chance to support thedevelopment and maybe even get some special rewards for their support.

So, get ready to embark in an epic open world space sim and explore strange new worlds. While you make contact with aliens in Starship Simulator. You can already play the games Demo on Linux via Proton with the Windows PC build. Although there is hope for native support for the full release via Steam. Paving the way for the upcoming open world space sim release in Q4 2023.

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