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Station 21 survival adventure now on Kickstarter

station 21 space builder sim kickstarter linux mac pc

Station 21 is classified as a space builder, #survival #adventure #game on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Players begin with the bare bones of a space station and work their way up to a station of immense proportions.

Start with a four way core module which can be expanded by taking on missions, then the station up and running, earning your company money for further expansion.

Station 21 is all about earning money to invest in laboratory modules to be able to run experiments and training the crew, keeping the initiative and business progression. The more advanced the experiment, the more money players will earn. The catch, payments only take place once information has either been transmitted from a relay module or been sent down on a shuttle. Each one is the players choice, with the potential the risk of data loss.

Once funds are earned, players can start building and resupplying the crew with leisure modules, food, drinks and of course new technology.

Station 21 Features:

  • Huge building area
  • Over 20 different modules (plus later updates)
  • Natural disasters (small objects collisions, fires etc.)
  • Life support management
  • Food management
  • Research Tree
  • Missions
  • Loans
  • Power management
  • Events
  • and more as development progresses.

The building in Station 21 is amazing in scale, build your station to have well over 1,000 modules, possibilities are endless.

“I’ve always wanted to create a game such as this and now the day has come where I have something at least worthy of showing and developing along side fellow fans,” says developer Robert Ferry.
“This game will be a continuous development, once game is released after beta it will still have regular updates until I think the game is at a stable point where I can say “It’s done” but even then I will still focus on making this game the best possible I can. I would be a dream come true if this game takes off somewhat, no pun intended.
A big risk is running out of funds to continue with this development but even if worse comes to worse we together as developer and backer can make this game a success and I fully intend on making Station 21 happen.”

Station 21 launched on Kickstarter with a pledge goal of £200 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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