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Station Life DLC releases for Deep Sky Derelicts

station life dlc releases for deep sky derelicts on linux mac windows pc

Station Life DLC releases for Deep Sky Derelicts on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Snowhound Games. Now available on Steam. And hopefully Humble Store and GOG.

Station Life DLC takes you into the deep sector. But also gets a little more comfy with this brand new DLC. Available now for the critically-acclaimed turn-based RPG. While giving you a chance to get in your space suite. Return back to the vast space of Deep Sky Derelicts today.

Deep Sky Derelicts – Station Life Announcement Trailer

Station Life is the second expansion to Deep Sky Derelicts. And as a result, it focuses on upscaling the station, your scavenger home and safe haven. Turning it into a more lively and versatile hub of scavenging operations. Since the revamped station introduces new potential to further upgrade and customize your crew. There are also more challenging encounters and timed events. Involving other station dwellers and high profile bounty contract. With more derelict raids, as well as a new character class.


  • Give junk new life in the Crafting Workshop in Station Life. Since you can turn old equipment into a new, powerful, tailored gear
  • Character augmenting Experimental Surgery Department. And also Neural Reprocessing Facility add-ons bring more customization options for the party
  • Random station encounters like brawling with rival scavenger crews. As well as bargaining with shady dealers. And certainly fending off raiding intruders. Making base management even more exciting
  • New side missions to complete. There are also a bunch of new NPC encounters to discover and enjoy
  • A new playable class: Inventor – a sturdy, melee-combat oriented character. Since they lack shields but applies unique health regeneration abilities. Giving more options and support on the battlefield
  • Six brand new nasty enemy types in Station Life. Which all comes with various power and nature
  • New equipment, bounty contracts, station environments, and more!

The Station Life DLC releases on Steam. Priced at $6.99 USD / €6.99. Available for Deep Sky Derelicts on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Developed by Snowhound Games and published by 1C Entertainment.
The base game launched on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Available via Steam on September 26, 2018 for $19.99 USD. Which also still holds an 87% Very Positive reviews score.

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