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Staxel farm and village life sandbox gets a port

staxel farm and village life sandbox game releases a port for linux and mac with windows pc

Staxel farm and village life sandbox game release’s a port for Linux and Mac with Windows PC. Thanks to the continuous efforts of developer Plukit. Which is available on both Steam and Humble Store, nothing yet on GOG.

Jump into a farm and village life sandbox in Staxel. Which is finally available on Linux and Mac. And it looks like the studio found the money and time to port the game. Offering up a 25% discount on Steam. Grow your farm in an immersive first person, build and expand the village. You can also invite your friends to come over and go on adventures in the wilderness.

In Staxel you will build your perfect custom countryside village. Doing so block by block from the ground up. Since everything is customizable. Whether it’s your own farmhouse or a redesign of the village shop to fit your desired look. Experience the world from a first person view to really immerse yourself in your ideal country life. Whether you want a cozy overgrown cottage or your own wizard tower, you can build it!

Staxel – Official Launch Trailer

As you construct new stores and houses in Staxel, new NPCs will move in. There’s a whole cast of quirky characters to meet. Want to build every villager a castle to live in? Or maybe you want a more modern look to the village? It’s all possible, and there’s a huge variety of decorative blocks to find.

There’s also a whole world outside the village to explore. So you can catch fish, with bugs to hunt, and otherworldly realms to discover in Staxel. Will you be able to fill the town museum with your finds? You’ll have to build it first, of course. Don’t forget to attend the exciting festival events in town. Since this is where you can meet mysterious travelers. Maybe enjoy unusual decorations and score some cool items for your farming or building projects.

Staxel farm and village life sandbox game release on Linux and Mac with Windows PC. You can also take part in the Steam Daily Deal sale with a 25% discount until September 30th. The release is also on Humble Store for the regular price of $19.99 USD.

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