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Staxel farming simulation disappointing news

staxel farming simulation disappointing news in linux windows pc games

Staxel farming simulation games releasing with disappointing news for Linux. We reached out to developer Plukit. Who have plans for Linux support beside their Windows PC release. Since the game has a full launch on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

Staxel is a creative farming and village life game. One that also comes with a cast of quirky characters. Where you build your farmhouse and help villagers. While taking to the wilds to fish or hunt for bugs. Growing a variety of crops in your backyard. If you also feel social. Players can even invite your friends over.

Linux Support:

“Not great news. We had hoped to be able to support Linux. As part of our console porting effort.
But after months of work the team we hired failed to deliver and we ran out of money for porting.”

So this is some disappointing news for Staxel. For months I have been waiting for the full release. Hoping for more good news and Linux support. But that’s not the case according my email from Plukit.
This might not rule out the possibility of a late release for Linux. But what’s worse, Proton does not work. Hence the results on ProtonDB.

The Steam Discussion post we have the following developer reply:

“We were gonna do a port, however we have a lot of incompatibilities (Mainly our UI system.) that needed to be resolved, and did not have the manpower at the time to do it.”

Staxel Launch Trailer (Windows, no Linux)

The world of Staxel has more new content and features. New Star Bits will fall during the night now. Also crucial item in the new Magic Crafting system. This Magic Crafting is now very helpful in upgrading your tools. Which also aids in certain quests. So can gather up all the Star Bits you can.

Since release there are new villagers and other NPC’s to the world of Staxel.
Also, you can now befriend villagers through daily chat. Giving them gifts and completing quests for them. In exchange for unique items.
If you befriend townsfolk, they can move in to the farm and become your roommate.

What’s interesting about Staxel gameplay. You can now send mail (and attach petals) to your friends in multiplayer. This also includes gifts and pedals. Just be sure to befriend Leif. So you can setup the postal section of his store.

The world of Staxel just got bigger. Plays can find new lands to visit. From the depths of crystal filled caverns. Or those floating mushrooms in the sky.

The game looks somewhat similar to Minecraft. But this is a more unique multiplayer farming simulation. So it’s disappointing to not have a Linux going forward. But if you have Windows partition or VM. Staxel is available Steam, GOG and Humble Store. Plus a 25% discount until April 18th, priced at $14.99 USD right now.

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