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Steam 2014 holiday sale is looking to kick off December 18th


Steam has a lot of sales on #Linux, Mac, Windows PC #games throughout the year, but two major events trump the rest: The annual Summer Sale and Holiday (or Winter) #Sale, where more than a week of low prices are paired with contests and activities where users can win prizes, including free games. So not only can you get tons of games for dirt cheap, you might also win a lot more.

The 2014 Holiday Sale could starts Thursday, December 18, and it looks like it will run until January 2. This means the sale will start one week before Christmas and will continue until shortly after New Year’s Day. Their sales usually begin at noon central time.

The dates initially “leaked” when PayPal Japan sent a notice about the sale to their users, and one such user took the information to Reddit. Valve did not confirm the date, but they recently added their Holiday 2014 profile badge to the website. There are no dates attached to that page specifically, but the cards in question — which can already be bought on the Steam Marketplace — are “Valid until 1/2/2015, 12:00:00 PM,” which lines up with the previous information.

Currently, a different and more unique Steam event is happening in the form of the “Holiday Auction,” which allows users to exchange their unwanted digital items (like Steam trading cards, emoticons and profile backgrounds) for gems, which can then be used to bid on new games.

Now if you will excuse me, its time to cruise my Steam wishlist so I’m more prepared to spend money on games I will not have time to play for a while, because of the savings!

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