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Steam Autumn Sale kicks off with amazing deals on cross-platform Games

It’s that time of the year again, where your wallets scream as you throw your money at a Steam sale. The 2013 Steam Autumn Sale has begun and will continue to run until December 3, offering the usual #fantastic #deals on games for Windows, Mac and #Linux .

If you haven’t participated in a Steam sale before, there are three categories of discounts: general sales that last until the end of the Autumn Sale, Daily Deals which are usually available for 1-2 days, and Flash Sales that last for eight hours. Discounts across the categories are usually very good, usually ranging from 25% off to upwards of 75% off.

To get the most out of the Steam Autumn Sale, we recommend you wait until games you’re after turn up on the Daily Deals or Flash Sales, as they offer the deepest discount. If at the end of the sale you haven’t seen the game come up on a Daily Deal or Flash Sale, or you’ve missed the limited-time promotion, grab it in the general sale.

The Autumn Sale could also be the perfect time to pick up some Steam Gifts for the upcoming holiday season, as your gamer friends aren’t going to say no to a new title for their collection. For those who are just looking to buy games for their collection, let us know what you pick up in the comments below.

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