Steam Client Beta update brings more Linux Distribution and Steam Controller support

The #latest Steam Client Beta is went live for those using the #Beta channel, looking to get all the cutting-edge Valve’s technology from the Steam developers.

This new Beta Steam Client improves the #compatibility with newer Linux kernel-based distributions, most using a more recent kernel version or core libraries.

SteamVR users can now be notified after taking a screenshot during VR (Virtual Reality) gameplay, while the more important features have been added for the Steam Controller. Things like support for Controller Activators, the ability for users to copy an existing Action Set to a new one during creation.

According to the Valve announcement, these new activators sit between inputs like buttons and outputs like key presses, which allows users to create a greater range of new functionality with their Steam Controller. Plus, the activators have their own settings, so they can each have toggles, haptics, turbo, or delays. Not bad. This makes the Steam Controller support that much better and far more capable over the Xbox360 setup.

Valve has also added activators to Steam Controller like Long Press, Start Press, Normal Press, Release Press, Double Press, but there’s really no limit to how many controller activators can exist on a single input. And Valve have also updated mode shifts to be activator-based and to enable special functionalities.

For further details regarding the new Controller Activators for Steam Controllers are available HERE. If you want to test them, update your Steam client to the latest Beta release. Keeping in mind that these are Beta-quality, not recommended if you expect a stable Steam experience.


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