Steam Client gets a big update and fixes for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

The Steam Client is used by millions of Linux, Windows PC and Mac OS X users. We have been pleasantly surprised to discover a #massiveupdate that has been recently made #available.

The latest upgrade to the Steam Client #app is quite fresh and it brings a bunch of fixes, some of the most important ones being the improved player-to-player connections and cloud synchronization fixes. Here are some of the most important ‘general’ fixes:

  • Added retail disc support for FreeOnDemand apps without cd-keys
  • Fixed Steam Cloud sync issues when re-launching a game immediately after exiting it
  • Added support for playback of full screen HTML5 videos in the Web Browser
  • Desktop client graphics updated (Big Picture controller icon, Background images)
  • Fix performance problem with large numbers of concurrent p2p connections.


Here are some of the most important ‘Big Picture’ fixes:

  • Fixed being able to add free games and free DLC to your library
  • Added filtering of promotional messages by platform and controller type
  • Added controller and OS support icons to DLC view
  • Store and Library improvements have been made to help users identify locally playable content. For more information, visit
  • Store settings added to enable advanced users to view all Steam content, regardless of local playability
  • Search results display locally playable content first
  • Improved playback of videos in the Web Browser
  • Fixed youtube videos reloading when switching tabs in the Web Browser

The new Steam version for Windows users has been updated with improved in-game overlay compatibility; Linux gets fixed web views not displaying if you run Steam under multiple OS user accounts and Mac OS X gets improved Retina display graphics.

Head over to the Linux Game Consortium group and feel free to add us.


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