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Streaming in Steam Client and non-Steam games

Steam Community Steam Client Beta

Valve has pushed updates for it’s Steam #Beta Client which allows Steam users to stream non-Steam games on local network. The changelog for the latest update says, “Added support for streaming non-Steam games in the Steam library”. That’s something Steam #gamers were not expecting. So now users can add #nonSteam games to their library and play from other machines.

What is in-home streaming?

If I am tempted to explain in layman’s terms then it’s more or less like streaming music from your Media server to locally networked devices. In terms of game streaming – you can run your game on one PC and then stream it via local network and play it on other connected device.

There are some limitations though, when compared with a media servers – the ‘game streaming server’ or the PC where the game is originally running has to be a dedicated machine, unlike media servers. You can’t do any other work on that system. Steam explains,”…your computer is dedicated to running the game and input is coming from both the remote client and the local system. It would be very confusing if someone were trying to use the computer at the same time.”

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