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Steam client update adds controller and improvements

steam client update adds controller and Linux improvements for games

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So two weeks ago Valve released a beta update for its Steam client including Linux. Since this added #Configurator support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers for #games, along with #SteamController improvements. So now these features are available to everyone. Since these features are now part of the latest mainstream Steam client update.

Since Valve already added support for PlayStation 4 controllers last month. Hence now we see Xbox 360/One controllers and X-Input have all been added similar to the Steam Controller. So now gamers can connect and using almost any gamepad they want with Steam on Linux or PC. Of course, many games natively suported the Xbox controllers already. Yet this update means that games do not have to mess with JoyToKey or other keyboard-to-X-Input mapping programs. Since all recognized controllers can now tap into “the advanced mapping features of the Steam Controller Configurator.”

Steam Controller

  • Added XBox 360, Xbox One, and Generic X-Input controller configurator support. This allows all recognized controller types to use the advanced mapping features of the Steam Controller Configurator. Note that because X-Input currently lacks per-controller means of unique identification, all controllers of that type will share personalization and configuration settings. As they share the same inputs, Xbox 360/One/Generic controllers will all see each-others configurations when browsing. Automatic conversion will be attempted when loading configurations from other controller types.
  • Unrecognized Generic X-Input gamepad style controllers will be recognized by the Steam Controller Configurator once their buttons have been assigned to match a generic gamepad layout.
  • Recommended configurations specified for a game by the developer will now attempt to assign based on Controller Type.
  • Added option to disable Guide Button issuing a Steam focus change. This is available through the Big Picture controller options menu. This allows better interoperability with other applications which use the Guide Button, such as PSNow.
  • Added Single Button simple button mode for trackpads. This allows a trackpad to be treated as a single giant button.

Steam client Linux

  • Improved interactions between the Steam runtime and host distribution libraries, which should let Steam work out of the box with open-source graphics drivers on modern distributions. If using an older distribution or running into problems, use STEAM_RUNTIME_PREFER_HOST_LIBRARIES=0 to revert to previous behavior.
  • Unify close-to-tray behavior with other platforms. If using a distribution that doesn’t have proper compatible tray support, use STEAM_FRAME_FORCE_CLOSE=0
  • Added idle detection, friend status will now automatically switch to Away/Snooze
  • Fixed Steam not obeying SIGTERM, Steam will now gracefully exit when logging out of a session
  • Fixed keyboard input and cursor switching in overlay for Vulkan applications
  • Update Vulkan loader in the Steam runtime to enable Xlib support
  • Updated libxcb in the runtime with a fix for DRI3-related crashes on open-source graphics drivers

Since Valve added a bunch of other controller updates to the latest Steam client. This includes rumble support for Xbox controllers and recognition of more third-party PS4 gamepads. So this includes some HORI, Madcatz, Armor pads and flight sticks. Al

So with native support for all these controllers. Recommended configurations specified for games will now have the client attempt to assign based on controller type.

Beyond controller support, the new client fixes several issues. Valve also added some love for Linux with over half a dozen updates and bug fixes.

So if you right-click on a game in your library now, there are some menu changes. Say goodbye to “Delete local content” and say hello to “Uninstall.” Another nice addition: the ability to move game install folders from the Properties > Local Files menu.


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