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Steam client update releases from Beta

steam client update releases from beta for linux games

Steam client release the full update now out Beta for Linux. The games also coming with a host of new improvements. And a rather huge list of changes for Linux too.

Steam client releases and will be automatically downloaded. So no worries there. What this update comes with is impressive. And I’d say this is also a huge list of fixes and changes.

Steam Client for Linux

  • Fix for 0-byte downloads getting queued on startup. This is for all Steam Play titles
  • A fix for incorrect mouse wheel scrolling offsets
  • An issue where some games wouldn’t be properly detected, now fixed. Leaving the game still running. Despite some of their processes still lingering in the background
  • System tray fix, including menu. Sometimes including too many recent game entries
  • Settings dialog fix. Incorrectly and always asking for a client restart
  • Added gnutls 3 to the Steam Runtime. While fixing network connectivity issues. This for many Steam Play titles in the Steam client
  • Fixing an issue with host libssl on newer distributions. Since this breaks some titles
  • Also a fixed a shortcut bug. This could result in being unable to create shortcuts for certain games. To unblock previously affected titles. Just delete all *.ico and *.zip files from ~/.steam/root/steam/games. And also “Verify Game Files” to re-download the icons with the right format
  • A fix for the crash with in-game purchases in Big Picture
  • Fixed a drop-down menus or notifications getting stuck on screen
  • Added the ability to force Steam Play compatibility tools. This also releases a fix for non-Steam game shortcuts

Some of these issues are long over due Steam client changes. I’ll be the first to admit it. The 0-byte download is one major one. The same thing goes with the shortcut creation. Which was also an issue for more than 2 years now.

General Update

  • Support using ipv6 for connections to download servers
  • Fixed multiple issues in tracking Steam window. And also the chat window position and size. At least when adjusting or automatically through DPI and screen size changes
  • Steam client downloading unnecessary updates fix for games. Those that self-update after initial install
  • A fix for the crash related to SteamVR

Desktop Overlay

  • Added “Force Quit” button to the desktop client overlay, matching existing Big Picture functionality. Force-quitting a game can result in loss of unsaved data
  • Added “Edit Controller Configuration”, which will open the current Steam Input configuration in a new window.

While some of these later changes may or may not affect Linux. Things like SteamVR, that’s not really an issue. But the “downloading unnecessary updates” does also show up for Steam Play games.

Either way, this is a huge and long overdue update for the Steam Client.

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