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Steam Controller rumoured to go on sale in October/November

It seems that #Valve’s new Steam Controller has managed to touch on a new possible #release date, targeting the October or November window. That would make it arrive well ahead of the frenzied holiday shopping season, which is a good thing if it carries over the good vibes. So far, this rumor hails from anonymous but “trusted” sources, where the Steam Controller is scheduled for a roll out later this October or November.

In fact, there does seem to be more than meets the eye for the Steam Controller, as the rumored release date might actually be the final piece of Valve’s plan prior to the first Steam Machines being put up for sale. Earlier in January this year, Valve did announce that 14 third party Steam Machines which ran on the Linux-based SteamOS, will roll out before 2014 is over, arriving in an array of hardware specifications and price points.

Not only that, it is also rumored that Valve hopes to see half a thousand games run natively on SteamOS by the time the first Steam Machines have gone on sale, which is a good number more than the existing 382 games. One ought to take note that the Steam Controller was first announced in September last year, before a video showing how it works rolled out a month after that. Following that, Valve redesigned the Steam Controller at the beginning of this year before unveiling its latest design just last month.

At Linux Game News, we are very eager to get our hands on the redesigned Steam Controller. Even more interesting would be it’s plug-and-play capabilities within Linux and of course, in-game performance.
Do you think the Steam Contoller be a game changer??  Are you looking forward to see what the Steam Controller can do in its final iteration?

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  • MikeyOmerta
    May 15, 2014 1:32 pm

    I have to say, I was more interested in the Steam Controller before Valve announced that they would be doing away with the touch screen (at least for the time being). It still looks to be a solid gaming peripheral, so I’ll definitely take it for a spin when it launches. I’m not so hopeful for the actual SteamOS, though.

    • Linux Game News
      May 15, 2014 1:43 pm

      The SteamOS will give you two options, buy a Steam Machine or build your own. So the Steam controller will present and interesting comparison to the already popular Xbox 360 on PC.
      That being said, we are looking forward to getting our hands on a Steam controller. Seeing just how apt it will be to in-game dominance over other controllers.
      Who knows, maybe that controller will spawn others to compete.

      • MikeyOmerta
        May 15, 2014 4:04 pm

        I have a feeling that SteamOS is going to be a flop, unless Valve can determine a way to play PC/Mac games on their Linux based OS. If emulation is the way they go, they are going to need to ensure that it isn’t laggy. If they keep the current model of “you need another machines in addition to your Steam Machine in order to play these games”, it’s going to be a joke. The controller, on the other hand will, most likely, do well…especially if Steam releases more full controller support for games (i.e. GTA and other games already out on consoles).

        • Linux Game News
          May 15, 2014 4:55 pm

          Valve has with their streaming process. You can livestream Windows PC and Mac games to Linux via Steam running on SteamOS.
          It will be interesting to see who picks up on that technology and how it’s used. And if anything, that streaming process should be used to go a step further, livestreaming to A great way to get more people gaming online and showing off their gameplay.
          As for GTA, that will be up to Rockstar. No word yet, but keep those fingers crossed.