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Steam data exposes the secret behind the games


Steam is one of the most #popular options for gamers these days. But have you ever wondered about the numbers behind the games? Which games are really the most popular and how often do they get played? Ars Technica has dug into the data behind Steam and come up with some very interesting #information about the games on Steam.

According to Ars Technica:

We’ve come up with what we believe is a much more robust way of estimating sales and player data based on publicly available information, at least when it comes to games specifically on Valve’s Steam download service. The information we’ve collected over the past few months includes not only sales estimates for every game on Steam, but also data on how many hours Steam users have spent time playing those games. The result is a wide-ranging survey of a service that estimates suggest represents 70 to 75 percent of the current PC gaming market in the US.

To make a long story extremely short, there’s a reason why publishers chase those rare big hits—because the top few relative performers make up an outsized proportion of the sales and usage data on a service like Steam. When it comes to finding success in PC gaming, our data shows there’s a huge gap between those top performers and the thousands of also-rans that make up the bottom rungs.

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Image credit: Ars Technica

The thing that was the most surprising, the number of games that were purchased but never played. That seems odd to me. Why would somebody buy a game and then not play it? Perhaps they were just impulse purchases that were quickly forgotten about by the gamers who bought them? We will probably never know but it’s an interesting data point.

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