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Steam Dev Days 2016 video content released on YouTube

Steam Dev Days 2016 video content released on YouTube

We all know about Steam Dev Days 2016 covering some content around Linux and #SteamVR finally coming to life. VR was probably one of the most of not the most popular topic of Steam Dev Days 2016, with Vulkan and Linux/SteamOS getting some good coverage as well.

If you want to watch Steam Dev Days 2016 presentations, they have now been made available on YouTube. Two of the more interesting videos to had to do with Unity development, as it continues to be a hugely popular cross-platform game engine and also the Vulkan presentation. It’s also a pleasure to see the Steam Controller being covered, as further support needs to take place.

For many Steam game devs, this is an opportunity to get together in Valve’s stomping grounds and learn from both Valve representatives and each other. It’s also a place where Valve speaks openly (if quietly, given that members of the media are not typically invited to Dev Days) about its plans for the future, and thus it’s always fun to skim Twitter and see what Steam Dev Days attendees are saying about their time at the show.

Building Unity Games for SteamOS/Linux:

Steam Controller:

Vulkan Graphics: