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Steam Early Access: Rust Game Sells 1M Copies in Just Under 2 Months

Rust has sold 1 million copies of the alpha version of the game through #SteamEarlyAccess despite being available for less than two months.

Following Rust’s recent domination of the Steam Sales Chart, which saw it outselling DayZ, developer of Rust, Garry #Newman, revealed the game’s sales figures through his Twitter account. Sharing a link to a Dropbox image of the lifetime sales for Rust, Newman showed that 1,001,570 users have bought the game in its first two months of release. The game is currently available for $19.99.

This achievement is amazing considering Newman’s earlier assertions that the game was around 10 percent complete and there was much work to be done before the game could hit the beta stage of development, let alone see an official release. Despite the somewhat glitchy and incomplete feel to Rust, fans have flocked to try out the game and get in on the ground level of the game’s development. With frequent updates changing the way the game is played, the version currently available may be completely alien to users even six months from now.

Rust is a open-world survival game that tasks players with living through each new day by gathering resources and building tools and shelter that will help them survive the elements as well as other players. What makes the game exciting is that players can choose either to live like a hermit in the wild and avoid or even attack other players or they can band together and form a town and pool their resources together. The game is so open ended that players will be able to choose for themselves the best way to ensure their survival.

With the game frequently updated, fans of Rust have to constantly reevaluate how to play the game. For example, a major part of the game involved zombies that would attack players, but now the enemies have been removed and replaced with more aggressive forms of wildlife such as bears. These constant changes are what makes Rust stand out among other survival games such as Don’t Starve and DayZ.

As more and more players get involved in Rust, expect Garry Newman and the team at Facepunch Studios to continue to cook up new content for the game as well as ironing out glitches and bugs found within the world of Rust.

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