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Steam for Linux now hits 1700 games available in the catalogue


Just last month, Linux and SteamOS games were at a healthy 1600 titles available. Now the Steam Library has reached 1,700 games, making it obvious that the less than 1% market saturation is not really a factor.

Seeing as how Valve put some serious faith into Linux, it all comes down to making a serious push for the platform. But there is a strong community backing the endeavour and there are still a ton of great titles yet to come.

Porting games to Linux or their developing has not been an easy task for many studios. There have been some frustrating comments, even some personal emails to Linux Game News outlining just that. Unity has been one of the first major game engines to take up the task, followed by Unreal Engine 4, which we are starting to see more games available for, with CryEngine coming up solid with the 2016 of Homefront: The Revolution. Part of the reason why we see such a significant jump in games being released.

Back when Steam for Linux launched in November 2012, players could easily remember what titles had native support. With video card drivers needing a solid improvement, while NVIDIA now holds the market and AMD is still struggling to keep up. This might deter some people from having an interest in Linux as a gaming platform.

Right now there are about 10 million active Steam players, so roughly 1% of that means about 100,000 active Linux gamers. Not at all a bad thing, however, gamers need to wake to the power and stability of native gaming. And with just over 1700 titles available in the library, there is plenty of opportunity now.

As a regular follow of Linux Game News, we are sure you see there is not indication that native Linux game development is slowing down. And we are more likely to see Steam of Linux games hitting the 2,000 games milestone.