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Steam Halloween Sale this weekend across Linux, Mac, PC

Steam Halloween Sale this weekend across Linux Mac PC

Halloween is upon us once again and what better time to have a sale for Linux, Mac and PC games. Valve kicked off the 2016 Steam Halloween Sale with a fine array of native titles. #Horror #games as far as the eye can see (a few pages), plus scary movies, a ton of Halloween updates to non-horror games as well.

A few highlights from the Steam Halloween Sale, chosen in typically fashion by LGC, including Limbo for $3.39, The Last Door: Season 2 Collector’s Edition for $2, the Metro Redux bundle for $7.50, Darkest Dungeon for $15 and Outlast for $5. There’s also System Shock 2, Don’t Starve, Don’t Starve Together, Killing Floor, SOMA, Breach and Clear: Deadline, Layers of Fear and Amnesia: The Dark Descenet to name a few.

Honestly, there are enough quality horror games available for almost anyone. From the hardcore, in your face games to the more casual catch you off guard titles.

The horror movie selection is decent as well, with the Saw series, Ju-on: The Grudge and the classic American Werewolf in London all discounted.

The Steam Halloween Sale is going strong across Linux, Mac and PC. But a short sale: running until 10 am PST on November 1st.


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