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Steam Hardware and Software Survey for December – Linux, Mac, PC

steam hardware and software survey for december linux mac pc

So the latest Steam Hardware and Software Survey shows some interesting results for Windows 10. Since it is now the #operatingsystem of choice for more than half of Steam #users. Therefore the 32 and 64-bit versions of the OS account for 50.35 percent of systems in the survey. Since the ageing Windows 7 takes second place with 33.87 percent share. Leaving Linux at 0.87%, not even 1%.

So last September the Windows 10 is considered ahead of earlier versions of Windows. Since this includes Windows 7, while Win10 is offered as a free upgrade. Well more like forcing people to try the operating system and Tim Sweeney even had other concerns. So those earlier figures include Windows 10 Mobile devices, Xbox One consoles, and other hardware in the total. Since the adoption rate has slowed in recent months. And seeing the free upgrade offer ended in July. Therefore the early prediction of one billion installs by 2018 now seems laughable. Of course Windows 10 is the only MS operating system to support the latest Intel processors. Making previous versions incompatible and forcing users to upgrade.

Steam Hardware and Software Survey:

steam os hardware survey december 2016

Here’s full Window OS breakdown:

  • 10 64 bit: 49.10 percent (+0.20%)
  • 7 64 bit: 28.60 percent (-0.22%)
  • 8.1 64 bit: 8.49 percent (-0.10%)
  • 7: 5.27 percent (-0.13%)
  • 10: 1.25 percent (+0.02%)
  • XP 32 bit: 1.15 percent (-0.04%)
  • 8 64 bit: 1.15 percent (-0.04%)
  • 8.1: 0.27 percent (0.00%)
  • Vista 32 bit: 0.13 percent (-0.01%)
  • 8: 0.10 percent (0.00%)
  • Vista 64 bit: 0.06 percent (-0.01%)

So a few other interesting bits of information in the survey. The GTX 970 is still the most dominant video card at 4.64 percent. But continues to lose by more than a quarter point to the GTX 1060 coming up strong. Now a half-point to 1.90 percent. VR headsets account for a minuscule portion of Steam users, only 0.38 percent. One the upside, the HTC Vive is at 0.25 percent and Oculus Rift is 0.15 percent. Which should mark a solid potential for Linux VR support when it happens. But there are 1.64 percent of Steam users running at 1024×768.


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