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Steam has hit a new milestone of 1800 games for Linux and SteamOS

Steam has reaching 1,800 Linux/SteamOS games, but for some, the limited AAA #titles could be an issue. Which may or may not be the reason behind the less than 1% #gaming #market saturation.

Last year there were at times more than 100 games released for Linux on Steam in less than one month. Now we are changing the progression from 1,700 to 1,800 in about a month and a half, but you have to give way for the holidays.


Some of the recent bigger game titles released as part of this 100 game batch have been Medieval II: Total War Collection, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition just before Christmas, along with Saints Row 4.

We will have to see what 2016 will bring for the community, hopefully more big AAA games will be ported. And that XCOM 2 launched will mark another epic bonus for Linux and SteamOS.