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Steam hits a record 14 million concurrent users peak

steam hits a record 14 million concurrent users peak linux mac pc

While the big winter sale is over, Steam has now surpassed 14 million concurrent users. Hence this #milestone hit early #January7 and topped out at 14,207,039, according to the Steam’s #statistics page. Since it is back to a cool 13 million roughly.

While not a surprise to see many Linux games, Dota 2 is still the most played game with the highest concurrent player count. Hitting a recent peak of 951,942 concurrent players. So that means Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will follow, hitting 675,195 players. Since next likely candidate Grand Theft Auto V rounded off the third place with 116,230.

Top games by concurrent player count

  • 951,942 Dota 2
  • 675,195 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • 116,230 Grand Theft Auto V
  • 70,612 Team Fortress 2
  • 71,280 ARK: Survival Evolved
  • 63,709 Rust
  • 68,020 Garry’s Mod
  • 47,130 Warframe
  • 52,083 Sid Meier’s Civilization V
  • 42,492 Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

So it’s worth noting that the majority of the titles outlined have Linux support. Aside from GTA V, Warframe and the yet to be ported Civilization VI.

While stating that concurrent users is not concurrent players. That 14,207,039 number includes users that have Steam running in the background. Either doing other things or away from the PC. I do this a lot, have Steam running all day while doing other things. So these figures are one way to measure Steam’s growth.

So back in 2013, Steam hit 7.5 million concurrent users. While that’s an impressive growth over four years.

While there is no coincidence that January the time when Valve typically hits a user milestones. Seeing it is a few weeks after Christmas and the big Winter Sale. Where more players are sure to have begun using the gaming service.


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