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Steam Holiday Sale 2014 suggested Linux, Mac, and Windows PC games to buy for Day 3


Day 3 of the Steam Holiday Sale is still here and going strong. Today’s deals are not all as striking as we have seen before. The ones #Linux Game News are going to #recommend are not all big name, AAA #titles. They are indies that can surprise you with their quality and depth. If you only grab one from today’s list, however, we would suggest Risk of Rain. It’s a fantastic platformer.

Here are the Steam Holiday Sale picks for December 21, 2014.

  • Prison Architect (Linux, Mac, Windows PC) for $5.99. Why? It’s 80% off today, the lowest price ever, and is one of the few Early Access games to receive clockwork updates from a very active and attentive developer.
  • Portal Bundle (Linux, Mac, Windows PC) for $4.99. Why? Yeah, you can do $5 for a above average puzzle FPS from Valve.
  • Risk of Rain (Linux, Mac, Windows PC) for $2.49. Why? It’s a roguelike action game where you won’t feel very bad about yourself and your skills if you die. Plus, $2.50 is an insane price for it.
  • Trine 2: Complete Story (Linux, Mac, Windows PC) for $1.99. Why? You probably already have it, but you can’t see Trine 2 for $1.99 and not recommend it.
  • Metro Redux Bundle (Linux, Mac, Windows PC) for $26.99, 50% off. Why? It’s a great price for games that have been well updated and recently released for Linux.

Didn’t see something you liked? Well, remember to use this rule of thumb for this, and all, Steam sales.

If you are a deal hunter, never buy a game unless:

  1. it is a Featured Deal.
  2. it is a Flash Deal.
  3. it is a Community Choice Deal.
  4. it is at least 60 – 70% off.


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