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Steam for Linux gets Platform-specific wishlisting

steam for linux gets platform-specific wishlisting games 2017

Steam for Linux gets finally updates with Platform-specific wishlisting in 2017. Since this is a long overdue feature. Yet one thing often in mention for anyone previously doing a Steam Machine review. Steam should just list games available for Linux and SteamOS, right?

According to recent post via Pierre-Loup Griffais‏. Hence changes are in effect, thanks to his coding expertise. So we can now specify which platform we want see via Wishlist’ing.

Steam for Linux Wishlisting of games:

We have made changes to the wishlist aiming to improve developers’ visibility of any interest in their title coming from Steam users playing on platforms they’re not currently targeting.

If a user only has one platform filter selection in their Steam store preferences. Adding a game to their wishlist will result in it being sending a report to the developer. A new platform-specific breakdown of the wishlist report:

steam for linux gets platform preferences games 2017

steam for linux gets platform specific wishlist preferences games 2017

If you want to signal your interest in a given title becoming available for your platform of choice, just make sure your store preferences are set appropriately and wishlist away!

Also, being that we see a great deal of Unity 3D games on Steam. One of the main issues is the need to port to Linux. Some developers do not see the urge. While strictly basing native platform support on sales statistics. As in how well the community responds, after the initial release. This is a huge let down for Linux. Which is starting to become more rare now. While Linux community demand increases.

So hopefully this will have a direct impact for Unreal Engine 4 games. These are the drawback of Linux game development. Simply because porting to the platform takes more time from the developer. Leaving the community out of luck. Largely due to a mix of development team sizes versus market demand. So this is referring to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Ruiner and Seven: The Days Long Gone to name a few.

Therefore, we are hoping efforts from Pierre-Loup Griffais will be fruitful.

What are your thoughts on this change? Will we likely see an improvement in Linux games?

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