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Game Streaming with Raspberry Pi Limelight

If you fancy streaming your games from your #PC to your HDTV but just can’t wait or want to purchase a Steam Machine you might be interested in the Raspberry Pi Limelight Pi #opensource software.

RaspberryPi Limelight is an open source software that lets you stream games from your home PC to your Raspberry Pi as long as you have a NVIDIA GTX 600/700 series graphics card, NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience program and either a powerful wireless router or direct Ethernet connection. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


“As with the Nvidia Shield, you’ll need one of Nvidia’s newer GTX 600 or 700 series graphics cards in your PC rig to get your games streamed over, but if you’ve got all the necessary hardware, you can get started right now.

Currently, you can only play games with a keyboard and mouse, but there should be gamepad support on the way. In any case, it’s an awesome excuse to dust off your Pi if it’s been sitting in the corner, and it could be your ultra low-cost Steam Machine. If you want to get tinkering, you can find the necessary free code here, along with instructions too.

Limelight also works on other PCs and laptops running OS X, Windows or Linux, and there’s even an Android port that’ll let you sling over your games to your favourite gadgets running Google’s OS, including the Ouya, which may give the microconsole a new lease of life.”

The awesome Limelight Pi software is available from irtimmer’s Github page. Enjoy!

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