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Steam Summer Sale kicks off next two weeks

steam summer sale kicks off for linux mac windows games


The #Steam #SummerSale has started! So for the next 13 days are the time to take advantage of discounts on thousands of products. While including the Steam Controller and Steam Link as well. Since these include #games, videos, and software. As well as the exclusive Summer Sale trading cards and sticker book.

Since it’s almost becoming an annual tradition. The money handlers at PayPal usually reveal this year’s Steam Summer Sale dates. So even tweeting from the official PayPal account. Revealing the Steam Summer Sale for 2017 kicks off on June 22.

Since we knew about the coming sale months back. We kept it somewhat secret, well not for our Discord community. Yet we are more than pleased to see some of the great games available with a price drop. Yet I am not going to give a comprehensive run-down of all games available for Linux, Mac and Windows. But I will give handful or so of a few deals I’m really keen to see. And while these range from genre to genre, they are still great titles.

Steam Summer Sale Linux suggestions:

So there are always massive savings across Linux, Mac and Windows. Yet there are some Steam sale pitfalls to avoid as well. So with that in mind, here are my tips to make the most of the Steam Summer Sale 2017.

  • Use your Steam Wishlist: Fill this up with the games you’re interested in picking up. So then Steam alerts will message the moment they go on sale and how much.
  • Bundles are fantastic: So publisher will put together sale mega-packs. While taking that savings to a very reasonable discount. Since this is the best and cheaper way to get a bunch of games at once. Even less if you own a couple of games in the mix, usually.
  • Highlighted deals have the savings: Since most of the Steam store and back catalogue will get a price cut. Yet it’s those ‘Highlighted’ deals promoted on the Steam splash page. Typically these are the better discounted games. Usually there are a couple of Linux titles, with Mac or Windows support as well. Hence the impulse-buy territory.
  • So only buy what you’ll actually ready play now: While this might be my biggest tip, once those 75% off signs start floating around. They get you breaking out the cash. While this is a hardcore personal rule. The Steam sales previously meant an overflowing game library. So save that cash, only buy what you’ll play now, older games get cheaper anyway.
  • Use this browser extension: Make sure you’re getting a good deal. So use the Enhanced Steam browser extension. This will give you a historical look at the price of all Steam games and savings.

Steam Summer Sale offers discounts until July 5th 2017 at 10 AM Pacific Time. Or unless otherwise posted.

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