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Steam Summers Sale 2016 start and end date leaked on Reddit

That time of year again. Gamers are looking for confirmation from #Valve, the company behind Steam, the #summersale looks like it will be scheduled from June 23 till July 4. This was the period mentioned by a #Reddit user named MrFreemanBBQ, who leaked the information.


The post includes the above screen capture image of a confidential message in English and some in Russian. Includes the time when the sale is set to start, 9:45 a.m. PT, and its ending at 10 a.m. PT on the dates mentioned. This message is believed to be officially from Valve.

Tech Times also reported that the original post was listed on a Russian social network site called VK. This same Reddit user was also responsible for previous leaked information for other Valve sales. Including the summer sale of 2012 and holiday sale of 2013.

Steam has revealed details of game releases as well. The company accidentally outlined the release date of “The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine” expansion pack. It was said to have a June 7 release, but a posting of the DLC showed that it was indeed May 30th. Needless to say no word on the Linux release.

Last year, the company’s winter sale was ruined by PayPal, when it posted Steam’s promo a week to soon.

So, for all you game fans looking forward to Steam’s annual summer sale, which offers a great deal of discounts on games for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, keep your sights set on June 23rd.

Steam started back in September 2003 and has since grown to be the largest distribution platform for PC gaming, with over 2,000 Linux titles, over 6,000 Windows-based games and more than 2,000 Mac games.