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Steam Winter Sale 2016 expected to release this week – Linux, Mac, PC

steam winter sale 2016 expected to release this week linux mac pc

While Steam sales offer some of the year’s #best #gamingdeals. Taking place at regular intervals within the year. They are also #announced at short notice. So, do you want to get ahead of the pack?
Because here’s all you need to know about the Steam Winter Sale 2016.

We are expecting 2016 to feature up to four Steam sales. The Steam Summer Sale, Halloween Sale and Autumn Sale (aka Black Friday Sale). All of which have already taken place. So we know there’s at least one more Steam Sale this year. The Steam Winter Sale 2016 or rather, the Christmas Sale.

When is the Steam Winter Sale 2016?

Valve rarely confirms the Steam Sales in advance. Yet the date of the Steam Winter Sale 2016 or the Steam Holiday Sale, if you want to be really specific – appears to have leaked.

According to a posting on NeoGAF (which apparently has been verified by EuroGamer). The Steam Winter Sale 2016 will kick-off this year on December 22 and run through to January 2.

While Valve has ditched the ‘Flash deals’ during its Steam Sales. It’s probably worth pointing out that the deals you see on December 22 are as good as they get for the rest of the year (and into 2017).

So along with the Summer Sale, the Steam Winter Sale 2016 is regarded as one of the two ‘big ones’. While the Halloween and Autumn Sales are good but not as big.

Back in 2015, the Steam Winter Sale was also leaked and got under way on December 22. And continued throughout a similar period. So this leak looks pretty good to us. While Linux Game Consortium has been in contact with developers regarding recent releases. There have been significant problems mentioned due to the coming Winter sale.

We will keep this page updated with the latest information as it becomes available.


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