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Steam Winter Sales 2015 brings some epic deals for Linux


Originally #leaked by PayPal, the Steam Winter Sales 2015 is well underway for Linux, Mac and Windows PCs. There are some ridiculously good deals available for some of the latest titles through the #sale. To the point that the website itself was lagging due to some very significant traffic.

There are also Steam trading cards to collect, some of which you can picked up simply by browsing your Discovery Queue. This feature is a rather overloaded at the moment but you can dig into it here which seems to be working, if you want to get more details about the trading cards check out the FAQ.

As games go, Cities Skylines is a highly recommended consideration, one of the best city-building simulation in years, just $11.99. Axion Verge is a very much a must have, along with Pillars of Eternity, with different deals every day until the sale ends on January 4th, 2016. Make sure to also take a look at Besiege, Terraria, Civilization series, The Witcher and Tropico franchises.

The Witcher 3 is only $29.99, a great price for one of this year’s best new games, which still has yet to see a much anticipated Linux release. Civilization Beyond Earth is $15.99. And Rocket League, which is due to release on Linux and SteamOS this month is $13.99 (anytime now actually).