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Steamhounds looking for Wishlist support

steamhounds looking for wishlist support in linux mac windows pc games

Steamhounds turn based tactical combat games looking for Wishlist support for Linux, Mac and Windows. Developer Stray Basilisk now has a live Steam page. Which the release set as “coming soon”.

Steamhounds is a turn based tactical combat game. Mixing in JRPG aspects. While players take control of a team of steampunk mercenaries. Who are doing the dirty work of shady factions. Those who vie for control of a once great industrial city.

Stray Basilisk just emailed with a quick update. Since they want to let everyone know about Steam “coming soon” page. Which is obviously live now. So you can check out some new promotional artwork. Also a few screenshots (featuring some major in-game changes we’re implementing). And show your Wishlist support.

Steamhounds Prototype Gameplay (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Steamhounds will have you assembling a crew. Then building up their strength. Simply by deploying them on missions. So you can infiltrate, steal, and eliminate their targets. Challenge your friends in competitive team vs team battles. Or attempt to climb the online leaderboards in ranked matches.


  • A mash-up of traditional JRPG and tactical / grid based combat
  • With an innovative Stance system, you don’t stand idle between turns – set up powerful combos and chain-reactions, and attempt to dismantle those of your opponent
  • Adopt a formation before you fight in Steamhounds. And adapt to the changing tides of battle
  • Live, competitive online play. Fight for your faction, or for personal glory
  • Build up your mercenary crew, take on missions, and uncover dark truths about the city and its inhabitants
  • Stylish pixel art characters in a 3D world

Playable Demo:

“We’re currently in active development. Please consider wishlisting us. And get notified when the game is released!
To become a playtester, chat to the devs. And get access to the prototype right now. Just click through our website link (over there on the right ->) and join our Discord!”

So now that Steamhounds is listed on Steam. Which will also be priced at roughly $15-20 USD. Plus the games coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. No word on release date yet though.

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